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    The Essential Guide To Planning A Great Casino Party by The Dealers

    1. Set a Goal for the Number of Guests - No matter what the purpose of your event, it is important to determine how many guests you expect to attend. Whether a personal or business event, the key is to be realistic. If previous events have resulted in crowds of 100, don't plan for 300. (After all, we have to have at least one great event before word spreads and your casino parties get so popular they triple your attendance!) Once you provide an initial attendance estimate, we ask that you keep us informed of change so that we can make sure you have the right amount of tables for your guests.

    2. Set a Date - Setting a date is very important and planning in advance is key. Generally, a minimum of three months is needed to best plan a successful fundraising event. Although corporate and personal events can managed on much shorter time frames, you should allow ample time to guarantee the availability of the equipment configuration you want. Although weekends have long proven the best days for fundraisers, weekday events will offer you discounts with us and most caterers, DJ's, halls, hotels and other locations. Corporate event planners should note that December is our busiest month and most weekends sell out early in the year, so plan well ahead for holiday parties. With all of that having been said, we do realize it is not always possible to plan weeks in advance. Even if you only have a few days to plan, we can help.

    3. Set a Time - There are two general rules that we try to follow when suggesting a start time for your event. First of all, the start time shouldn't be so late that guests have to stay out well past midnight. Contrary to the popular theory that everyone wants to party all night long, the truth is that most people want to be home at a reasonable hour. This means that you should consider starting your event between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM, depending on the length. Secondly, we suggest that you keep the casino party under four hours in total length. You want to leave your guests wanting more, not wanting to go home and go to sleep.

    4. Select a Location - Giving yourself plenty of time in the early planning stages will serve you well in securing the right location, at the right price. Try and match the location with any theme you are planning. Naturally, the location will depend a lot on your budget and in the case of fundraisers, the donation being requested of the guests. Make sure that you keep the location in close proximity to the area in which your group lives or works. When in doubt, ask us. We have great ideas on fantastic venues in the New York area.

    5. Select Food & Refreshments - It is not necessary to offer a full lunch or dinner at your event, but whenever you put together a group of people for three or four hours you will need to make some provision for refreshments. For fundraising or corporate events, food can also be used as an additional source of revenue. Even for personal parties, it must be considered so that it is correctly factored into your budget. If you need a referral to a reliable caterer in your area, just give us a call.

    6. Decide on Decorations - Obviously, the most important decorations or props you need to set a casino theme are the game tables provided by The Dealers. Our tables alone will generate an electric and enjoyable Las Vegas atmosphere. Some groups choose to add additional appeal to the event with either small decorations (like Jumbo Playing Cards for the walls) or by developing a corresponding theme for the evening (such as a Roaring Twenties Casino or particular Las Vegas hot spot) with the help of additional props. Ask us for information about what's available and where.

    7. Promotions / Sponsors - If your event is a fundraiser, then promotion is key. The most successful fundraisers put their biggest efforts into getting crucial donations before the day of the event. It's important that you advertise through all available channels open for little or no cost, such as community service announcements. Sponsors are also most important for fundraisers. If a sponsor can't attend the event, maybe they will sponsor a game table in exchange for a plaque (a nice tent card for example) on one of the game tables indicating their sponsorship of that table. We have had events that have covered their entire cost of the tables this way. If possible don't let this option pass you by.

    8. Offering Tickets - If you are selling a corporate or fundraising event, you must have tickets for entrance and receipt purposes. We suggest finding a local merchant to underwrite the printing cost of the tickets. Naturally, they will get name recognition or could even attach a coupon to the ticket. Either way, both parties prosper from the exchange.

    9. Planning the Prizes - If you are planning a fundraiser, you shouldn't have to spend a penny for prizes. Make sure your sponsored merchants get their name in any printed materials and clearly announce them before their prize is given away, as a way of thanking them. You can even give them a free ticket to the event. If you are hosting a private party, there are lots of prize ideas that can either correspond with your theme or just be plain fun. Most anything will do for a prize; it's not the value but more the thrill of winning that people enjoy.

    10. Other Entertainment - We always suggest some provision for background music or other ambient sound. A lively event like a casino party can be a slightly noisy one. Generally, the excitement at the tables will be sufficient for a fun event, but if the room is too big for the group or the tables are split into different rooms, there may not be enough noise to evoke the type of atmosphere you want to create. If a DJ or band is not in your budget, ensure that you provide some other source of background music just to round out the atmosphere. If a DJ or band is in the plans, we will be happy to refer you to one in your area.

    11. Clean-Up - To avoid getting stranded cleaning up a mess all alone, be sure you plan in advance for the clean-up that follows your event. The Dealers assure a prompt and thorough removal of all its equipment once the event ends, but don't forget to make sure there are others on hand to help with the mess that will surely be made by your guests. If you are going to a hotel or convention center, then you will get to skip this fun part.

    12. Miscellaneous - You may need to provide for additional help with the following areas: entrance table or check-in of guests, food tables & servers, wet bar, volunteer dealers to eliminate the cut of our professional dealers (ask us for the cost difference), master of ceremonies, waitresses/waiters and an early cash-out table (normally the dealers cash everyone out at the end of the event).

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